Improving Search Engine Ranking Via Content Building

Improving search engine ranking in organic search result is very important to Internet marketing. If you get top search engine ranking in organic search result pages,Guest Posting it means you can get free, targeted traffic from search engines every day. Do you know 85% Internet users use search engines to find information? (Source: NPD research). It means top search engine ranking can help you to get enormous business opportunities online.

Webmasters, therefore, participate in link exchange or article submission, optimize webpages in-house or even outsource to an SEO company. However, the results are mixed. Some of them achieve acceptable ranking but many webmasters do not see any noticeable ranking improvement. It leaves them wonder whether search engine ranking improvement can really be achieved.

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking?

Indeed, you can achieve top search engine ranking in organic search result if you implement an effective strategy. So, what is an effective strategy?

To improve search engine ranking, you must understand the logic of search engines. Every search engine aims to provide results of high quality websites with relevant information to users. In theory, best quality websites occupy top search engine positions.

According to Google, a useful and information-rich site that clearly and accurately describes the content is a major criterion to determine website quality. If your site provides useful and information-rich content that are relevant to keywords typed by users, your site is likely to rank high in search engines.

Another fact is that search engines use the number of relevant inbound links to assess quality of websites. If your site can get many relevant inbound links, it is evidence that your site is information-rich and loved by readers. Your site is more likely to get top search engine rankings.

Many business owners think that their websites are not portals, and that their websites are company websites for showing products and company information only. How can it be possible to turn a company website into an information-rich site and get many inbound links?

Methods to Turn a Company Website into Information-rich Site

To build an information-rich site, you do not need to be a writer and write many stories and articles. Indeed, information means a lot of stuff. The following are recommendations to enrich your website content with an aim to improve search engine ranking:

Video Marketing

People like to share and watch video and that is the reason YouTube becomes so popular. If you can present your company, products or solutions for a problem through a short video, your website can attract lots of inbound links.

You only need a basic video camera or a webcam, a basic video editing software, and you can make a video. You must also add your website URL in the video, and then submit your video to video sharing portals such as YouTube, Shorkle, and etc. Of course, you should also put your Video on your 오피 후기 website. Later, you will discover that people come to your site through Google’s Video search and other video portals. If visitors like your Video, they may even link back to your site or post the URL online everywhere. It means you can get many natural 1-way inbound links. It helps improving search engine ranking.


First, install a blog software such as WordPress in your website. You can also customize the look-and-feel to match your website design. In a company blog, you can provide company information, your ideas and thought, product review, relevant news and your comment, and company’s event in a casual way. As time goes on, your blog provides much information to visitors. Information-rich site? Yes, a blog can turn a simple company website into an information-rich site.

You must submit your blog to blog directory and many webmasters grasp content from blog directories/search engines nowadays. If they buy your thought or information, they will link back to your site. It is a great way to improve your site’s link popularity and it improves search engine ranking.

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